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Financing A Family Law Case

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When a question of family law arises, you cannot afford to just wade though the legal world on your own when the people involved are your very own family member. This is why the services of a UK Family Law Solicitor become necessary. It is never a pleasant experience to be involved in a case that touches upon family law. Whether the case is one of divorce, child custody, support, or any other family law issue, the fact of the matter is that it is not only a harrowing experience but also an onerous one. Yes, the reality is that whenever you are involved in a legal dispute, it will eventually boil down to money matters whether you like it or not. In fact, for people who are pragmatic, the part about financing a family law case might be the scariest part.

How Do I Go About Financing A Family Law Case? What Should I Expect?

There are court fees involved and of course, there are also the fees that you will need to pay a professional Family Law Solicitor to give you advice and make representations in your favour in negotiations with the opposing party’s counsel.

So with all of these combined, you are probably thinking that you might have to pay a hefty amount when financing a family law case. Fortunately, it is not as bad as it sounds. It all depends on your case and whether or not you have to go to court. In UK Family Law, it is actually your family law solicitor will actually attempt to use ADR (alternative dispute resolution) as much as possible and exploit all possibilities to end the legal dispute in your favour and at the least amount of burden to you without going to litigation.

Financing A Family Law Case

Furthermore, just in case the other party is really uncooperative and you have no choice but to go to court, there are litigations loan companies that can help finance your case at payment options that you can afford. Ask your family law solicitor for their payment options because most solicitors will actually be able to refer you to some reputable loans companies with reasonable payment and pricing options.

If you cannot afford the full price, the loans company will pay the solicitor’s fees and you can pay back the company in affordable monthly or annual instalments depending on what packages they have available.

How Do I Pay My Lawyer

When financing a family law case, there is an implicit agreement between the lawyer and the client that it is up to the client to deliver and pay the solicitor’s fees without any cost orders from the court. What this means is that the client is expected to pay the fees of the solicitor as per agreement upon establishment of the attorney-client relationship.

Will I Be Charged For An Initial Appointment

A reputable family solicitor will never charge you for an initial appointment. If there are any costs, you will be informed up front in order to avoid any surprise on your part.

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